For the Love of Food


Food is something to celebrate, nourish our body and satisfy deepest cravings!

FSCAD-alliance started to emerge with
different ideas and execute them in the kitchen.

We are here for foodies, chefs, enthusiast,
critique and all who love food.

Let's share good finds and healthy
ingredients. Whether it is sweet, juicy, tangy, grilled or savoury, everybody
is welcome.

Looking for something unique and exciting
is our passion. But we also want to help those on the go people like moms,
college students and the career-oriented. We believe that you can give yourself
a few minutes a day to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a sumptuous

FSCAD loves to go dining everywhere, so if
you have a place you want us to try, we'll gladly listen to your suggestions.

We hope that this corner of the internet
will bring something suitable for every taste bud. Let's enjoy!

Latest Articles

Creamy Tuna Pesto Recipe

Aside from being a food lover myself, I try to invent dishes with regular ingredients to give it a new taste. Let’s say I started to develop my very own recipe because we have some picky eaters in our family. I don’t want to keep our dishes inside the norm…